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Pre- and Post-Bariatric Surgery

Prepare for Bariatric Surgery and Optimize Results

Patients undergoing bariatric surgery are required to make lifestyle changes before and after surgery. Our medically supervised Pre- and Post -Bariatric Surgery Programs combines the highest possible nutrition and education to prepare you for surgery, help prevent complications and provide support and education to help you in your long-term weight maintenance.

Preoperative Weight Loss to Improve Outcomes from Bariatric Surgery

A preoperative very low calorie diet program can help you safely lose weight rapidly, shrink the size of your liver and decrease intra-abdominal fat. This can help improve surgical outcomes like decreased surgical time, fewer surgical complications and improved postoperative weight loss. These benefits may be achieved by using this program for as little as 6 weeks which can result in an average 3-5 pound weight loss per week. It can be used to obtain the recommended 5 to 10% preoperative weight loss associated with these benefits.  High quality protein, low carbohydrate New Direction meal replacements are used to provide full nutritional support while providing all your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals.

Insurance-Approved Comprehensive Preoperative Program

Some insurance companies require a more extensive 3-6 month comprehensive program prior to surgical approval. 3 and 6 month PeriOptimization Bariatric Programs are available. In these programs low calorie, high protein, low carbohydrate diets including meal replacements and grocery foods are used. Our Multidisciplinary Lifestyle Intervention Program will include educational modules on nutrition, physical activity and behavior changes needed to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is not an isolated treatment for weight loss. Diet, physical activity and good lifestyle habits are necessary to help you lose weight and sustain your weight loss. Regardless of if you are newly recovered from bariatric surgery or have had it in the past you need to practice weight management to maximize your results. Our programs are tailored for your individual needs and will help you with your post-operative nutrition, fitness and lifestyle changes.

Medical Supervision for Safety and Results

Our Medical Weight Loss Doctor, Cherise M. Dyal, MD is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine. She will prescribe the appropriate weight loss program for you and provide medical monitoring and management of your program throughout your weight loss journey.

Multidisciplinary Lifestyle Intervention

Our highly-trained staff meets with you weekly to provide our Multidisciplinary Lifestyle Intervention Program which is an intensive nutrition, behavior modification and physical activity education and monitoring program to help maximize your successful long-term weight loss. Our intensive comprehensive program has been clinically proven to be successful for long term weight loss and follows all clinical guidelines suggested for weight management.

Physical Activity Program

We also design an exercise program that is essential to build lean muscle, maximize metabolism and sustain your weight loss. We will help you develop an exercise regimen that will work for you and can be sustained. Exercise programs are available which are supervised by our exercise specialists to ensure safety and appropriateness for your level of fitness and medical conditions.