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Our Four-Phase Approach

All of our Synergy Comprehensive Medical Weight Management Programs are structured around a 4 phase approach:


Synergy weight loss programs

Safety is considered an essential component of every weight management program; therefore, our protocol includes a screening process. Screening is performed at 3 levels to determine whether your health would be adversely affected by undertaking any of our programs, whether there is any existing condition or medication which will require monitoring during weight loss, the appropriate weight loss program for you and whether any exercise or diet component of the program would need to be adjusted.

  • Screening level is determined based on your medical history and weight loss goals and is a series of multidisciplinary assessments.
  • Initial assessment includes your vital signs, physical measurements and body mass index (BMI).
  • Review of your medical history, medications and weight history.
  • Our physician, Cherise M. Dyal, MD, will perform a physical examination and review your blood tests and EKG (if appropriate) during medical screenings.
  • Evaluation of your eating behaviors, eating patterns and lifestyle habits that can affect your weight and ability to lose and maintain a healthy weight are performed.
  • A review of nutrition and personal diet history is also included in the screening process.
  • Realistic goals are set.
  • Body composition analysis is performed.
  • A treatment plan that meets your individual needs is created.
  • Your plan will include nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle behavioral programs.
  • Medications may be utilized during your weight loss treatment.

Reducing Phase

Synergy weight loss programs

Rapid, safe weight loss using one of our programs. Dietary options include full meal replacement programs, partial meal replacement programs and customized grocery food meal plans. If you choose to use meal replacements they will be high protein, low carbohydrate and contain only all natural flavors and colors. Our Multidisciplinary Lifestyle Intervention Program includes individual sessions during which you learn sustaining behavior, lifestyle and eating habits. Topics in nutrition, exercise, behavior modification and diabetes are covered. You will learn skills to help you control cravings, cope with temptation and emotional eating, manage stress, prevent relapse, and adopt healthy eating and physical activity behaviors which are vital to you maintaining your weight loss and healthy thinner lifestyle.

  • Careful, medical monitoring that will help us help you lose weight safely.
  • Weekly evaluation of your progress.
  • Changes in your diet and exercise prescription as needed.
  • Weekly educational sessions covering topics in nutrition, personal effectiveness, and physical activity to help you learn and practice weight management skills and lifestyle changes required for long-term weight loss maintenance.
  • Development and implementation of a structured exercise program.
  • Length of time in this phase depends on how much weight you want to lose.

Adapting Phase

Synergy weight loss programs

Begins when you are within 5 pounds of your weight loss goal. If your meal plan includes meal replacements we will reintroduce grocery food, decrease your meal replacements and develop meal plans that can help you sustain your weight loss. We will perform Resting Metabolism Testing to determine your exact caloric needs to help prevent weight regain.

  • Weekly evaluation of your progress and support.
  • Weekly educational lifestyle behavior modification sessions which will help you develop and implement lifestyle changes to support and sustain your weight loss.
  • If desired, you can meet with a Registered Dietitian during this phase.
  • Continued careful medical monitoring as appropriate for you.
  • Gradual return to eating regular foods while you practice your newly learned eating and exercise habits
  • Adapting phase typically lasts five to ten weeks

Sustaining Phase

Synergy weight loss programs

Once you have achieved your weight loss your new goal will be keeping it off! Our maintenance phase is designed to help you avoid weight regain and adjust to the metabolic changes that occurred because of your weight loss. We will continue to support you during this crucial time. Individualized meal plans that you can sustain for long term are developed for you and you may choose to continue to use meal replacements in your meal planning which has been shown to be a very successful strategy. Continued support using tested relapse prevention techniques and individualized meal plans. Your weight maintenance journey will be divided into zones to guide you in maintaining your weight fluctuations or raise flags when you need to refocus and modify your behaviors.

  • Helps you maintain your weight and live a healthier lifestyle long-term
  • Weight monitoring
  • Continued educational lifestyle behavior modification and support sessions.
  • Fine tuning of new eating, behavior and physical activity skills and habits.
  • Individual meeting with health care professionals, as necessary.
  • Enhancement of exercise program.