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Our Programs

Customized Weight Loss

  • Complete educational program for permanent lifestyle changes
  • Customized low calorie diet
  • Completely individualized meal plan
  • Safe for all ages, weight loss goals and almost all medical conditions
  • Develop eating and behavior habits for long term weight management success
  • Meal plan designed by Registered Dietitian
  • Access your plan through our Synergy Eat 4 Life app or online

Fully Customized Weight loss

Our Customized Weight Loss Program is designed to provide a completely individualized meal plan based on your preferences and needs. Studies have shown that adopting a plan that is consistent with your eating preferences may help you lose weight because it can be maintained over time. Weight loss is less rapid with this program but there is tremendous flexibility and more food choices with a less restrictive diet. You can make appropriate meal exchanges directly through the app to allow full customization.

Metabolism Testing to Determine Exact Caloric Needs

Your appropriate caloric intake is determined by Resting Metabolism Testing and your meal plan is designed around your caloric needs and goals. We will decide with you the best rate of weight loss and your meal plan calorie counts will be individualized to support this.

Specialized Meal Plans to Control Medical Conditions

This program is appropriate to help you manage or maintain your weight and can accommodate specialized diets to help control your blood pressure, cholesterol, osteoporosis, diabetes or heart disease among other medical issues. All meal plans are created by a Registered Dietitian to ensure balanced nutrition.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss for Safety and Results

Our Medical Weight Loss Doctor, Cherise M. Dyal, MD is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine. She will prescribe the appropriate weight loss program for you and provide medical monitoring and management of your program throughout your weight loss journey. This program does not require the same level of intensity of medical monitoring since weight loss is at a more moderate pace and calories are not as restricted.

Multidisciplinary Lifestyle Intervention

Our highly-trained staff meets with you weekly to provide our Multidisciplinary Lifestyle Intervention Program which is an intensive nutrition, behavior modification and physical activity education and monitoring program to help maximize your successful long-term weight loss. Our intensive comprehensive program has been clinically proven to be successful for long term weight loss and follows all clinical guidelines suggested for weight management.

Physical Activity Program

We also design an exercise program that is essential for preservation of lean muscle mass, maximization of metabolism and sustained weight loss. Exercise programs are available which are supervised by our exercise specialists to ensure safety and appropriateness for your level of fitness and medical conditions.

Effective Long-term Weight Loss

The Customized Weight Loss program is completely individualized. If you are interested in a more rapid weight loss we will usually select one of our programs designed for quicker results.  Once you reach your weight loss goals we will structure a meal plan at the right caloric intake to help you sustain your weight loss long term.