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Our Programs

New Direction Meal Replacement Program

  • Medically supervised for safe rapid weight loss
  • Complete educational program for permanent lifestyle changes
  • High quality, low carbohydrate meal replacements for complete diet
  • Aggressive weight loss of 3-7 pounds per week
  • Develop eating and behavior habits for long-term weight management success
  • Appropriate for weight loss goals over 25 pounds
  • Intensive medical monitoring

High-Quality Protein and Low Carbohydrates to Maximize Weight Loss Without Hunger

The New Direction full meal replacement program is extremely effective because it limits food choices. Studies show that when multiple food choices are removed, people find it easier to stick to their meal plans and are not as hungry. The use of a high-quality protein and low carbohydrate diet allows your body to use your fat stores for energy and loss weight more rapidly while maintaining safety. This type of diet has been shown to help you feel full and minimize your cravings while allowing you to feel energized on far fewer calories. This is a very low calorie diet and provides for a very rapid weight loss.

Complete Nutrition and Variety to Prevent Boredom

New Direction shakes, puddings, soups and bars come in a wide assortment of flavors to allow you variety so that you don’t get bored while providing over 100% of the vitamins and minerals essential to your health. They are all natural and nutritionally designed to provide the optimal ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids to support and stimulate weight loss, while protecting against the muscle loss that is common when you lose weight. 

Medical Supervision for Safety and Results

Our medical weight loss doctor, Cherise M. Dyal, MD, is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine. She will prescribe the appropriate weight loss program for you and provide medical monitoring and management of your program throughout your weight loss journey.

Multidisciplinary Lifestyle Intervention

Our highly trained staff meets with you weekly to provide our Multidisciplinary Lifestyle Intervention Program, which is an intensive nutrition, behavior modification and physical activity education and monitoring program to help maximize your successful long-term weight loss. Our intensive comprehensive program has been clinically proven to be successful for long-term weight loss and follows all clinical guidelines suggested for weight management.

Physical Activity Program

We also design an exercise program that is essential for preservation of lean muscle mass, maximization of metabolism and sustained weight loss. Exercise programs are available that are supervised by our exercise specialists to ensure safety and appropriateness for your level of fitness and medical conditions.

Effective, Rapid, Long-term Weight Loss

The full meal replacement program provides for the most rapid weight loss. It is the simplest meal plan to follow – you only need to choose your favorite flavors of shakes, soups, puddings and bars. Once you near your weight loss goals, we will help you gradually reintroduce regular food into your diet and structure a meal plan that can help you sustain your weight loss long term.