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What Makes Our Programs Work

Our program is an evidence-based comprehensive medical weight management program. You are medically supervised throughout all stages of the entire program to help you safely lose the excess weight and keep it off. Our physician, Cherise M. Dyal, MD is Board Certified in both Obesity Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery and is uniquely qualified to help you lose weight utilizing nutrition, exercise, behavior change and medications if needed.

There are 4 phases to each of our programs: screening, reducing, adapting and maintenance.

Screening Phase

  • Multidisciplinary assessments are performed including physical, medical, and laboratory testing as needed to determine the best program for you.

Active Weight Loss or Reducing Phase

  • As a medical weight loss program we can use specialized nutritional products available only from physicians for safe, rapid, healthy weight loss.
  • You follow prescribed meal plans, learn and practice weight management skills and physical activity designed to help you maximize your weight loss.

Adapting or Transition Phase

  • You gradually transition back to grocery foods and increase your caloric intake while practicing your newly learned eating and exercise habits.
  • Calories are adjusted to help you stop losing and maintain your weight loss.

Maintenance Phase

  • You continue to practice your new lifestyle and weight management skills with the guidance and support of our staff using proven relapse prevention tools
  • Individualized meal plans to help you live a healthier lifestyle long-term.

Our program focuses on 4 key components:

nutrition for weight loss Nutrition

nutrition for weight lossPhysical activity

nutrition for weight lossBehavior change

nutrition for weight lossMedical needs

In addition to developing an individualized program based on your medical and weight history we can help you develop a structured exercise program to help achieve and maintain your weight loss. We are specially designed for weight loss and long-term weight management. We offer a personalized program facilitated by support staff professionally trained in weight management and exercise programming.

Each aspect of your program is created on an individual basis, and because our team members are specialists in the field we can tailor the program to meet your unique needs. Our program provides education and support needed to help you make and incorporate lifestyle changes you need to sustain the weight loss.