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About New Direction Meal Replacements

What’s In New Direction Meal Replacements?

We use only New Direction naturally flavored, colored and sweetened shakes, soups, puddings and bars. Our high-quality protein meal replacements are only available from physicians and support healthy metabolism and lean muscle mass preservation during weight loss. All are low in carbohydrates and fat to encourage your body to burn its stored fat. Our New Direction meal replacements also contain a scientifically researched patented probiotic that has been FDA reviewed and supports your digestive health, delivers active cultures more effectively than yogurt and supports immune your system.

High-Quality Protein Meal Replacements

Proteins must supply the proper balance of amino acids and nitrogen essential for protein synthesis and other metabolic functions so your weight loss is safe and effective. The protein in all New Direction meal replacements used in our programs has a perfect amino acid score according to the Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Scoring (PDCAAS) by the FDA to ensure optimal nutrition for optimal health.

Variety is the Spice of Life

We understand that great taste, flavor variety, and options to accommodate different taste preferences are essential. Our shakes come in 7 delicious flavors including chocolate, vanilla, mocha, strawberry, mixed berry, pineapple apricot, and hot cocoa with all natural flavors, sweeteners and colors. We offer 3 varieties of luscious puddings including chocolate, vanilla, and lemon which can also be made into smoothies if you prefer. Our puddings also contain only natural flavors and colors. Three satisfying soup choices are available including tomato basil, cream of chicken, and cheddar broccoli will all natural flavors.

Something for Everyone’s Taste Preference

No matter your personal preferences you can find many delicious options in your high protein, low carbohydrate meal replacements to help fuel your weight loss. For added variety you can try any of our recipes using New Direction meal replacements or get creative and invent your own.